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Isabel Olavide first formed her own Company in 1992, when the show “Al Son del Aire” was first performed in the Teatro Galileo in Madrid, in the Dance Tribune of the Fall Festival.

The line of work followed by the Isabel Olavide Company is creating a theatrical form of Flamenco, this is, a Flamenco show with attention to a number of stage elements, aesthetic sensitivity, stage setting, etc. with an effort to establish (albeit sometimes deep under the Surface) a storyline or leitmotif that directs the work (the rhythm in “Al Son del Aire”, the spoken word in “Flamenco y Palabra”, or an idea as in “Dímelo tú Flamenco”), always based on Flamenco feeling, essence and form, which in itself has a theatrical aspect.

She has had the fortune to be part of the “Teatro Flamenco” company alongside important figures of Flamenco, among which are Tomas de Madrid, Juan Maya Marote and Chaquetón. This company performed “Guernica”, a work representing the painting by Picasso with recitals of poems by Miguel Hernández and Federico García Lorca.

The latest show produced by her Company is “El Dibujo de mis Abrazos”, first performed in Madrid in March 2012.
This live dance, song and music show is accompanied by a narration and slides that help to immerse spectators in the spirit of the various Flamenco ‘palos’ (styles) in a poetic manner.

In 2001, Isabel Olavide launched a scenic project consisting of dancers with Down Syndrome and other different abilities.

This makes possible the creation and direction The Company "At Our Rhythm" A Nuestro Ritmo performing shows as “A Nuestro Ritmo” “Con un cante de la mano” and “Hacia Dentro” which are currently being represented